Since Christmas….WHAT!!!!

OMG, Everyone. We haven’t written anything here on our blog since Christmas time last year. So, So, Sorry! Although, I don’t think many people are following us right now, but to those who are or have been trying to. I’m sorry!

Life got a little Crazy for us here at Rusty Gate in 2018. I’ll talk more about that later 🙂

How is everyone?  Whats new with all of you?  Anything exciting happen to you guys in 2018 so far?

We have some exciting stuff coming up soon, just need to line a few things up first before I share with all you my beautiful people 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine, smile 🙂 and remember this day only has 24 hrs, so make the best of it.

(I just noticed after writing this that we did a quick blog entry in May, however Love the title and everything so have decided to keep it)



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