The Land :(

Hello Everyone, sorry it’s been a long time since we last posted anything on here.  We took a devastating blow, when all the snow melted and we finally got to have a good walk through the potential property we looked at and gathered information on over the winter.

Turns out, all the open area we thought might be good for turnout areas for our horses, and livestock.  Was all Canadian Shield, bedrock 😦  Yes, were located in Canada…Eh!

Will, I didn’t take it as hard as I thought when we walked around.  However, right away our life changed for a few weeks to focus more about us again, and what was happening.  We finished raising the chicks we incubated, and sent them off to a local farmer friend, where we can go visit them whenever we’d like.  He told us we did an amazing job and they look great, and wanted to know if we wanted to do it again.  We said yes, but taking a little break first.

We have had some personal medical concerns that were dealing with right now, and will be focusing on that for the next few weeks, however, we have been continuing our search for another property, either with or without a home, or barn located on it.  We have looked at one which has peaked our interest but we think it will go pretty fast and were just not ready for that yet.  I wish we could, but everyone’s health and well being come first, here.

I will, keep you updated a little more in the coming weeks!

Thanks Everyone


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