It’s Incubation time!!!!

Hello Everyone,

So for the past few weeks I have been doing some research and gathering information about incubators, how they work, what’s needed, and how best to figure out what one works for your needs!  After watching some YouTube channels I had thought I found one that would work for us.  However, after speaking to some local farmers in our area, and finding out their thoughts and what works for them, I discovered that purchasing an incubator from our local Tractor supply store, was the way to go!

Without, further thought when we seen they were on sale again for $60 off, we jumped on them.  Now please let me remind you, we have done some thorough investigating with regards to what we wanted to incubate for our first, ever attempt.  We know a few local farmers who have been wonderful and really helped us better understand the different breeds we could incubate.  We looked at chickens, ducks, quail, and pheasant.  It, was decided for ease of ability once hatched, to sell, or give back to our local farmer friends, chicken eggs was the final choice.

So, I started our new incubator and contacted one of our farmer friends and arranged 24 hrs later to pick-up some eggs, to start this process.

So, here we go!!!!




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