Since Christmas….WHAT!!!!

OMG, Everyone. We haven’t written anything here on our blog since Christmas time last year. So, So, Sorry! Although, I don’t think many people are following us right now, but to those who are or have been trying to. I’m sorry!

Life got a little Crazy for us here at Rusty Gate in 2018. I’ll talk more about that later 🙂

How is everyone?  Whats new with all of you?  Anything exciting happen to you guys in 2018 so far?

We have some exciting stuff coming up soon, just need to line a few things up first before I share with all you my beautiful people 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful sunshine, smile 🙂 and remember this day only has 24 hrs, so make the best of it.

(I just noticed after writing this that we did a quick blog entry in May, however Love the title and everything so have decided to keep it)


Merry Christmas!!!

Hey Everyone,

We would like to wish each and everyone one of you a Merry Christmas.  Hope Santa was good to you all.

Much love, The Rusty Gate Gables, Family!!!

Holiday Season

Hey Everyone,

Anyone out there excited, or enjoying the holiday season so far?

We’re all ready for the big day, are you?

We wish to begin, by wishing each and everyone of you out there who are reading this, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  We wish you and yours the best of health, and smiles all this Christmas season.



Busy few months

Good Morning everyone 🙂

It has been a while since I last wrote, sorry about that. I hope your all doing well, and enjoying this beautiful sun and warm spring(almost summer like) air.

We’ve been extremely busy these past few months, and I haven’t been able to catch 5 minutes really with so much going on to write. I have been compiling thoughts, ideas, and recipes as I’m thinking about adding a few new idea’s to my website sales stuff.

Through, my own children’s adult experiences, I’m learning that sometimes we as adults teaching our children things, they have forgotten as they didn’t absorb, our teachings, or need an occasional reminder. Here’s a funny story that in the end, comes out good in the end.

So my oldest child messages me one day, complaining about how much her toilet STINKS. So as an inquisitive person. I asked, why does it smell? I was told, because we can’t flush it. So of course I ask why can’t you? and I’m told because last night(this is now 24hrs later) they turned off our water. So, I asked. Didn’t you fill your tub with water prior to the shut off? and of course the response I got was well no! LOL God, I love my children 🙂 When asked why, would we have done that? and I explained because then you could flush the toilet with the water in the tub. The following messages were a OMG I remember us having to do that when I was a kids….blah, blah. I forgot!!!

This is the moment I realized that maybe something like a book for teens, or first time out on there own person needs. That friendly go too, or reminder of things some people might not know, or forgot about.

Do you have stories like this one?

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from all of us, to all of you, and yours!!!

We hope the new years brings you, happiness and good health.

See, you all in the new year 😉

Summers coming to an end :(

How many of you enjoy fall weather?

If, you could imagine a beautiful fall day, how or what would it look like?  would it be full of colorful leaves on the ground.  or just lush and green still on the edge of turning.  Do you attempt to try every single day to still wear out your summer dresses, or jean shorts, or are you loving the no need to shave today, leggings?

Each and everyone of us has a difference of opinion for fall days.  We all have a difference of preference also.  I prefer the early fall days of chill in the morning with my coffee, fallowed by a warm day, and a glass of wine by the campfire/bonfire in my fuzziest sweater 🙂 at night.

We almost found what I would consider “The perfect location spot” the only thing is the house had a huge water issue this past spring and needs to honestly be torn down(best option).  The lot was just over 2 acres however backed onto over 70 acres of municipally owned land(untouched).  I would have jumped on it and ripped down the house, and happily have brought back some of my previous ideas for a cabin/home and put that on the property without a doubt.  Fortunately for my family lol my husband, and mother disagreed with my adventurous ideas.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day!  Enjoy the fresh air, and your loved ones 🙂

Summer School Practice plans

For the summer we have decided to keep the kids practicing their reading and math, so have reactivated our membership with Adapted Mind.  The kids used it last year right before the beginning of school, which seemed to help start them off.  The site has the ability to have different profiles for different children.  It’s really great, and the kids ask to play all the time.

Adapted Mind

Hello :)

So sorry everyone.  It’s been a while since my last post, but I wanted you all to know we have been crazy busy, with surgery’s, animals, summer plans, and to-do list stuff.  I really want to say Hey, and just get something out there to you guys, to just touch base!

Hope your all well 🙂

The Land :(

Hello Everyone, sorry it’s been a long time since we last posted anything on here.  We took a devastating blow, when all the snow melted and we finally got to have a good walk through the potential property we looked at and gathered information on over the winter.

Turns out, all the open area we thought might be good for turnout areas for our horses, and livestock.  Was all Canadian Shield, bedrock 😦  Yes, were located in Canada…Eh!

Will, I didn’t take it as hard as I thought when we walked around.  However, right away our life changed for a few weeks to focus more about us again, and what was happening.  We finished raising the chicks we incubated, and sent them off to a local farmer friend, where we can go visit them whenever we’d like.  He told us we did an amazing job and they look great, and wanted to know if we wanted to do it again.  We said yes, but taking a little break first.

We have had some personal medical concerns that were dealing with right now, and will be focusing on that for the next few weeks, however, we have been continuing our search for another property, either with or without a home, or barn located on it.  We have looked at one which has peaked our interest but we think it will go pretty fast and were just not ready for that yet.  I wish we could, but everyone’s health and well being come first, here.

I will, keep you updated a little more in the coming weeks!

Thanks Everyone

It’s Incubation time!!!!

Hello Everyone,

So for the past few weeks I have been doing some research and gathering information about incubators, how they work, what’s needed, and how best to figure out what one works for your needs!  After watching some YouTube channels I had thought I found one that would work for us.  However, after speaking to some local farmers in our area, and finding out their thoughts and what works for them, I discovered that purchasing an incubator from our local Tractor supply store, was the way to go!

Without, further thought when we seen they were on sale again for $60 off, we jumped on them.  Now please let me remind you, we have done some thorough investigating with regards to what we wanted to incubate for our first, ever attempt.  We know a few local farmers who have been wonderful and really helped us better understand the different breeds we could incubate.  We looked at chickens, ducks, quail, and pheasant.  It, was decided for ease of ability once hatched, to sell, or give back to our local farmer friends, chicken eggs was the final choice.

So, I started our new incubator and contacted one of our farmer friends and arranged 24 hrs later to pick-up some eggs, to start this process.

So, here we go!!!!



Home Made or Old School?

How many of you believe in home made?  Wither the item(s) maybe food, cleaning, grandmas Remedies, or Grandpa’s quick fix repairs, or something you’ve designed, and use.  When you think of these, do you think home made, or old school ways?  we’d love to hear your thoughts, and idea’s.